Research Cluster

The objectives of research cluster are:

  1. Establish Excellence and carry out fundamental, applied and/or interdisciplinary research of high quality in key cluster areas of relevance to UNIKL and of importance to  the  Country  and  emerging  fields  of  knowledge  and promote research of high international impact.
  2. Build  research  capacity  and  provide  high  quality  training  and  a conducive research environment for promising young faculty, postdoctoral researchers and graduate students.
  3. Provide  a  high  quality  research  environment  for  the  development  and enhancement of  graduate programs as well as the enhancement of undergraduate teaching at UNIKL.
  4. Develop   links and collaboration   with renowned   National   and international research clusters and attract leading researchers.
Researcher Team Members:

1. Dr. Reezal
2. Dr. Izuddin Fahmy
3. Ms. Masyita
4. Ms. Nabilah Hanim
5. Ms. Azizah
Researcher Team Members:

1. Prof. Dr. Rahim
2. Dr. Mehru Nisha
3. Ms. Mahjanah
4. Mr. Mohamed Azmil
Researcher Team Members:

1. Dr. Norhaida
2. Mr. Abdul Razak
3. Ms. Azlina
4. Mr. Hanan Kumar
5. Mr. Muhammad Norzein
6. Mr. Muhammad Taufiq
7. Ms. Noor Eszrezad
8. Mr. Rahimy
9. Ms. The Rasyidah
10. Ms. Zainie
11. Mr. Ahmad Najib
12. Ms. Syahidatul Asraf
13. Mr. Zulaily
Researcher Team Members:

1. Dr. Azimah
2. Dr. Muhammad Fauzi
3. Dr. Pang Jyh Chyang
4. Ms. Nor Ezleen Qistina
5. Ms. Nur Hidayah
6. Mr. Ilyas Syafiq
7. Ms. Nor Isnida
8. Ms. Nor Shukriyah
9. Ms. Noor Arniwati
Researcher Team Members:

1. Dr. Nur Azma
2. Dr. Ahmad Shakir
3. Mr. Zakaria
4. Mr. Arvind Bala
5. Ms. Ainul Husna
6. Mr. Ammarul Zaki
7. Mr. Khairul Nizam
8. Mr. Mohamad Zul Fadhli
9. Ms. Nurulshyha
Researcher Team Members:

1. Dr. Aladin
2. Mr. Mohamad Ramzan
3. Ms. Azrina
4. Ms. Diyanatul Mardhiah
5. Ms. Nurhuda
6. Ms. Intan Sufinaz

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